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Initial Public & Stakeholder Input


Input from the community was gathered through dialogue at meetings with local governments, local master plan review, a community survey, and interviews with stakeholders about the future of Marquette County. The development of the 2040 Vision and Goals are important outcomes of this phase.  View the Community Survey results.

Existing Conditions & Trends Analysis

Through analysis of data from sources including the US Census, State of Michigan, and local sources, trends were considered and compared with community input.  County-wide and planning region-specific challenges and opportunities were identified.

Draft Plan & Implementation Strategies

Together with the established baseline and using the Vision and Goals as a guide, strategies were developed.  Also known as an implementation plan, the strategies identify responsible parties and timeframe. The strategies can also be classified by planning region and theme.

Final Master Plan

After compiling all information and sufficient review and input, the draft plan goes through an adoption process, following the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, which will include public review and hearings. The Master Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission on August 4th, 2021. The meeting packet and meeting minutes include public comment.

A Living Document

The Master Plan will be reviewed and updated at least every five years. The public policy document serves as a guide for community leaders and decision makers, and is the tool for collaboration. When reviewing local master plan and proposed zoning amendments, the Marquette County Planning Commission will check for consistency with the Marquette County 2040 Master Plan to ensure the community's vision of 2040 is being met.

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