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Marquette County Planning, Community Development, Forestry, and Recreation is a division of the Resource Management and Development Department of the Marquette County government. The County Planning Commission and Planning Staff provide guidance to the rest of the County government on implementation of the Master Plan. They also assist with a wide variety of local and regional planning efforts in Marquette County, including community development, forestry, and recreation.

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  • The Marquette County Planning Commission (MCPC),established in 1969, is governed by the Michigan Planning Enabling Act (MPEA). The seven member Commission is appointed to three year terms. While the MPEA enables the MCPC to create and adopt a master plan, MCPC does not have any zoning authority over municipalities. The Planning Commission reviews local planning and zoning for consistency with statutory requirements and the County's Master Plan.

  • The Planning Commission is supported by planning staff from the Marquette County Planning, Forestry, Recreation, and Community Development Division, a subdivision of the Resource Management Department.

  • County planning has the unique role of creating a plan for growth over a larger geographic area and fostering coordination and cooperation between municipalities and organizations to address cross-boundary issues. With a county-wide plan, the Planning Commission can serve as a resource for municipalities, gather and disseminate data, and facilitate discussion by bringing groups together and encourage communities to plan together. 

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