“What do we want our Marquette County communities to be like in the year 2040?”

This Plan:

  • is the first comprehensive rewrite of the Marquette County Master Plan since 1982

  • is a product of over two years of continuous input and engagement from the residents of Marquette County

  • brings the entire comprehensive plan into the 21st century, addressing the realities, problems, and opportunities that exist in 2021 which would have been unthinkable even a few years ago.

  • is pursuant to Public Act 33 of 2008, the Michigan Planning Enabling Act

  • is a public policy document that can be integrated into the community master plans of local units of government to help achieve a common vision for the future of Marquette County over the next 20 years

  • will serve as a resource guide and foundation for local land use policies and a common source of data and information, aiming to help unify the County's many unique communities.

  • reflects common themes and goals to enhance the current planning initiatives already underway at the County and in each community, and provide a general framework for local leaders and decision-makers.




The Marquette County Planning Commission (MCPC),established in 1969, is governed by the Michigan Planning Enabling Act MPEA). The seven member Commission is appointed to three year terms. While the MPEA enables the MCPC to create and adopt a master plan, MCPC does not have any zoning authority over municipalities. The Planning Commission reviews local planning and zoning for consistency with statutory requirements and the County's Master Plan.

The Planning Commission is supported by planning staff from the Marquette County Planning, Forestry, Recreation, and Community Development Division, a subdivision of the Resource Management Department.

County planning has the unique role of creating a plan for growth over a larger geographic area and fostering coordination and cooperation between municipalities to address cross-boundary issues. With a county-wide plan, the Planning Commission can serve as a resource for municipalities, gather and disseminate data, and facilitate discussion by bringing groups together and encourage communities to plan together. 



Public & Stakeholder Input

An important outcome of this phase is the Vision, which is distilled from lots of input from the community gathered through meetings with local governments, local master plans, a community survey, and interviews with stakeholders about the future of Marquette County. 

Existing Conditions & Trends Analysis

Draft Plan & Strategies for Implementation

Together with the established baseline and using the Vision as a guide, a draft plan will be developed with goals and objectives. An important element is the recommended strategies for implementing the Master Plan with an action plan identifying responsible parties and timeframe. 

Final Master Plan

After compiling all information and sufficient review and input, the draft plan will go through the adoption process, following the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, which will include public review and hearings. 

A Living Document

The Master Plan will be reviewed and updated periodically. The public policy document will serve as a guide for local decision makers and will be used by the Marquette County Planning Commission when reviewing local master plans and proposed zoning amendments for consistency. 


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