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The Marquette County Rec-Tourism Network focuses on identifying recreation-based assets in communities ready to welcome increased visitation. Through collaboration with the 22 municipalities in Marquette County, an inventory of outdoor destinations will be created and formatted to share with neighboring local government units, residents, and visitors. These efforts will protect cherished assets, “spread the wealth” by intentionally directing tourists to identified locations throughout the County, and set a new balance and foundation for sustainable rec-tourism for future generations.


  • Improve communication as it relates to outdoor recreation; provide a regional perspective and guidance as municipalities develop their 5-year Recreation Plan

  • Promote cross-collaboration between adjacent municipalities that have specific outdoor recreation project interests in common

  • Act as a clearinghouse in collaboration with the Great Lake Climate Corp to coordinate “on the ground” support for trails and other outdoor recreation projects

  • Generate a county-wide inventory of outdoor recreation-based destinations and assets

  • Use geo-fence, trail counter, and other forms of data to create a heat map that identifies various recreation asset usage throughout Marquette County.  Use the data to re-direct trail and outdoor recreation users to underserved destinations that provide a similar experience

  • Share resources and collaborate with the Trails Sustainability Coalition, Respect Marquette County, LSCP, and other outdoor recreation/tourism-based organizations

  • Collaborate messaging directed at visitors and residents with Respect Marquette County, Travel Marquette, trails organizations, and municipalities

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