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In 2021, the Marquette County Planning Commission approved the Marquette County 2040 Master Plan and aimed to answer the question: “What do we want Marquette County to be like in the year 2040?” Based on public input, the 2040 Master Plan includes nearly 100 strategies to be implemented over the next 20 years, which will help to achieve the following vision for Marquette County in 2040:

“Marquette County in 2040 will be a place where its people enjoy natural areas and rural character, feel safe, and celebrate culture. A stable and diverse economy empowers residents to live in thriving communities with a clean environment, good education, valuable job opportunities, and affordable quality housing.”

The Marquette County Planning Division and the Community Foundation of Marquette County have teamed up to create the Marquette County 2040 Master Plan Mini-Grant Program. This program will offer small grants of $1,000 to one applicant in each of the four planning regions designated by the 2040 Master plan in Marquette County, in order to support community projects which will help implement the strategies outlined in Chapter 6 of the Plan and that will have a positive long-term impact for the general public.

Click the links below to read through the guidelines and submit an online application!

Includes details on eligibility, timelines, and other program information

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Any physical applications can be returned to:

Resource Management & Development Department

234 W. Baraga Avenue

Marquette, Michigan 49855

All applications are due no later than June 1st, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

Allows you to submit via Google Forms

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