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Welcome to Marquette County 2040!

10 Goals

  1. A community resilient to climate change through mitigation, adaptation and coordinated public policy

  2. A stimulated, sustained and diverse regional economy achieved through collaboration, economic growth and prosperity

  3. Marquette County is a regional recreation hub where residents and visitors experience the natural environment and recreational assets without ecological degradation

  4. Land within existing communities has been redeveloped, protecting natural areas and prime farmlands for the benefit of the region

  5. Access to diverse educational opportunities for all, especially youth

  6. A mix of high quality affordable housing types located in places that adhere to the tenets of smart growth

  7. Marquette County remains someplace special through celebration and promotion of culture and heritage unique to our area

  8. Residents, especially vulnerable populations, feel safe, healthy, happy and secure

  9. Governmental agencies, public and private service providers, and the public work together respectively to coordinate public services and utilities and address challenges faced by the community

  10. Continued expansion of access to affordable assets including clean water, healthy food, medical services, broadband, cellular service, utilities and transportation

2040 Vision (draft)

Marquette County in 2040 will be a place where its people enjoy natural areas and rural character, feel safe, and celebrate culture. A stable and diverse economy empowers residents to live in thriving communities with a clean environment, good education, valuable job opportunities, and affordable quality housing.



How will our Marquette County community achieve this vision and these goals?  By tackling these strategies together!




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