Marquette County has been active in Hazard Mitigation Planning since the early 2000s. The County Hazard Mitigation Plan serves as an extremely detailed resource of hazards in Marquette County, broken down by local community.

After this plan was approved by FEMA, each of the 22 Local Units of Government have the opportunity to adopt the FEMA approved plan. Once adopted by the Local Unit, they become eligible for FEMA grant funding to implement the mitigation projects listed within the plan. The County Planning Division assists with this coordination to ensure the Local Units of Government qualify for these important Hazard Mitigation grants.

This map shows all of the hazard mitigation action items for which the 22 municipalities in Marquette County have stated a need. They have been sorted into eight themed categories. Each action item has been assigned a priority level by its local unit of government.

  • Community Improvement: Education, quality of life, city beautification

  • Emergency Services: Public safety, emergency response vehicles, 911 mapping, power outage support

  • Firefighting: Dry hydrants, firetrucks, brush management

  • Flood Protection: Dredging waterbodies, breakwater walls, erosion control

  • Mine Safety: Assessing and re-capping mine shafts not in use

  • Potable Water Systems: Wastewater treatment plant updates, water delivery system repairs, sewer line repairs

  • Road Maintenance: Auto and rail bridge repairs, culvert maintenance, roadbed drainage

  • Utilities: Telecommunications and power

How to Use This Map:

  • Click on the arrow icon in the top left corner to show the legend. You can turn layers on and off using the checkboxes.

  • There are layers representing hazards by theme and hazards by priority level.

  • You can view individual action items by clicking on them on the map: a pop-up will appear in the map with a description of the action item, the municipality and region in which it is located, the category it falls into, and its priority level.

  • If two action items overlap, the pop-up will show "1 of 2" in its top left corner, and an arrow button will appear.

  • To see which hazard mitigation action items may affect you, use the search bar in the top right corner to search for a specific location in Marquette County, such as your home, business, or camp.

This dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of the action items. The pie charts represent the proportions of action items by theme, priority level, and region. The table below lists all the hazard mitigation action items by local unit of government alphabetically.

How to Use This Dashboard:

You can click on the items in the legends for Theme, Priority, or Region pie charts to highlight the action items in those categories in the table below. The hazard mitigation action items are sorted by municipality, listed alphabetically. Hover your cursor over the pie chart to see individual action items. Click on an item a second time to deselect it.